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Monday, August 17, 2009

I recently heard about the new card that Starbucks has released called The Gold Card, for those that love Starbucks. It's a membership that you pay for annually ($25) and you get exclusive offers and discounts, a free drink on your birthday, a free drink if you buy the card in a store, 10% off of most of your purchases, and 2 hours of free wi-fi everyday. It sounds like a good deal. The perk that I'm most looking at is the 2 hours of free wi-fi everyday, having a MacBook Pro and all. :) Usually the 2 hours of internet cost $3.49 so i would be recovering the cost of the membership fairly quickly, plus all of the discounts and offers. I believe that it's a great deal but there is a downside to the card, it's so new that most baristas don't even know about it, so you have to constantly remind them to take 10% off. I'm thinking about getting it, not because I'm a Starbucks fanatic and go everyday, but because when I do go I go all out and buy either a lot or the really expensive things. I also love the way the card looks, and I've heard from other forums that the black is matte-y and the gold is just shiny plastic. Now who wouldn't want that in their wallet?

What all the cool kids are doing


Ms. Latina August 17, 2009 at 1:08 PM  

What a great perk! Thanks for the info!

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