Airport Extreme-ly Incompatible?

Monday, August 17, 2009

While I was researching what MacBook Pro I wanted I saw the Airport Extreme and all of the neat feaures that come with it. It has the latest "N" technology, you could connect a wired printer or hard drive (both if you buy a USB hub) that become wireless, it allows you to make a guest network so your guests dont need to know the primary password for the router, it has dual-band support so it's faster on handheld devices (ex: iPod Touch, iPhone, Nintedo DSi etc.) and has a greater range, it has an automatic firewall that doesnt need to be set up so your conected hard drive wont be attacked, it has parental controls, allows up to 50 users without slowing the router down and finally is compatible with both a Mac and PC... Or so they say.

I only checked out the Apple site before I brought it and saw all of the rave reviews for the product. I was so excited about getting a new Apple product that I didn't do as much research as I should have. I only looked at the Apple site, and of course I thought that that was good enough but it wasn't. I failed to remember the fact that I would be connecting it to a PC so I should be looking at forums and how well it connected to a PC. So eventually, I remembered that small fact and did more research, after I had brought the product, and boy was I surprised. Everything on Google that popped up was how bad the Airport Extreme is on PCs especially those that run Vista. I'm a little scared now that I have a product that i spent so much on that may not be compatible with my computer. I'm going to take a leap of faith with Apple and keep the product and when i eventually connect the Airport Extreme hopefully it will work like a charm. We don't know yet, but soon enough we will! So, keep an eye out for an update on my blog.


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