MacHeist's nanoBundle Review

Friday, November 20, 2009

This was the first year that I participated in MacHeist's annual discounted or free bundle of Mac software and I am so happy that I did. All of the applications were great and they fed every side of my life.

As a Twitterer TinyGrab was a must have. It worked in the background and after taking screenshots or dragging pictures onto the app that appears in the dock it will give the picture a URL and will immediately allow me to paste it anywhere. It's definitely a time saver now that I don't have to manually upload my picture on a site everytime that I want it on Twitter.

WriteRoom is a word processor that displays what you are typing full screen to give you, well, room to write. As a student it caught my attention. When it comes to school work I spend a lot of time on my laptop, not because the work is hard but because I get distracted and do other things. This app definitely solved that problem. It covers everything else up but is easy to get out of, unlike Pages' full screen mode. Best of all it's customizable so I could be happy with what I am staring at.

As a Blogger I am always looking for new information for my blog but I can't always apply it right away so I have to store those URL's, sentences, paragraphs and pictures somewhere; bookmarks are a hassle to keep up with and honestly while running Safari they are tedious to get to. That's where Shovebox comes in handy. It's a nifty little app that hides in your menubar. You just drag whatever you want onto it and will save it automatically, you don't have to press any special keys. You can then rename the "notes" and put them into different folders with just a few clicks.

As a Mac user I don't get to play many games because most are made for Windows computers so when I saw Hordes of Orcs in the bundle I got really excited... and the excitement didn't leave after I intensified. Although it's a simple game of keep-away, I felt like those were really my people behind the gates on the other side of the field. I was so into the game that I couldn't even hear what my mom and brother were telling me, I just had to protect those people. It's definitely an amazing, addictive game.

As for Twitterrific and Mariner Write, they are both superb apps that are user friendly and helpful but I already use Tweetie and Pages in their place. Twitterific and Mariner Write don't offer anything new so I rather just stick to what I use already.

All in all, the bundle was amazing, it had apps that packed a punch and were extremely easy to get used to and they weren't just the "use them once and toss them apps". I would have liked to see more of a diversity in apps instead of 2 writing processors but for free I really can't complain which is why I'm giving it:
4 out of 5 stars

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