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Thursday, September 10, 2009

For all of you who like me were stuck at school (or work) and missed out on the apple keynote event and don't know the latest on what's going on with their products I have compiled a list of all of the refreshes that they have made.
  • The iPod Classic received a capacity bump from 120GB to 160GB but is still being kept at the same price ($249).
  • The iPod Touch received a price drop, a cut and a hardware upgrade. The 8GB is now $199.00 (down from $229), the 16GB is now nonexistent, the 32GB is down to the price that the 16GB once was ($299) and there is now a 64GB model priced at $399. Both the 32GB and 64GB are also supposed to be 50% faster than previous generations and will run OpenGL ES 2.0. A 3.1 firmware is also now available free of charge, for those that already run 3.0, and is only $4.95 for those that don't.
  • The iPod Shuffle is now being sold in pink, green, blue and limited edition stainless steel (only sold on the Apple online store and Apple Stores) along with the original black and silver. A new 2GB edition also joins the mix at $59. Apple is also working with third parties to make headphones compatible with the Shuffle's features.
  • The iPod Nano received the best (in my opinion) price drop and hardware upgrade. It now comes standard with a video camera, speaker, FM radio, the new Genius Mix, Voice Over, a built in pedometer and a larger 2.2 inch screen. The 8GB version stayed at the same price of $149 but the 16GB version has dropped from $199 to $179, which makes me wonder who would buy the 8GB when they can get the 16 for just $30 more?
If you still want to see the whole Keynote you can click HERE.


TechGangster September 11, 2009 at 4:21 AM  

Thanks Dude i was one of the people who was stuck at school and when i got home i had to finsh my homework. Thanks for taking your time to write this so i could stay up to date.

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