Sunday, September 20, 2009

I love my Incase Neoprene Sleeve but traveling with it is a pain. It has no handle, no outside pockets to carry my power brick or any other accessories and the wonderful material that makes it smell so good and form to my MacBook Pro so well makes it very slippery. I'm a high school student and portability is definitely a must. The Neoprene Sleeve just doesn't fit my needs anymore.

I really love the quality and protection that Incase gives their customers so I went searching for new protection on their site before going on any other one. In about 5 minutes of searching (I love Incase) I found the Nylon Sleeve that is close to what I already have but adds the pockets and handles that I need. The price wasn't too bad either. I liked the overall design best of all, it's extremely thin while boasting a pretty big front pocket and velcro magazine pocket in the back. It looks professional but still cool. I ordered it today and it should be here by Thursday... I really can't wait.

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