The iPhone 4G has Been Leaked

Monday, April 19, 2010

These previously leaked images of the iPhone 4G have turned out to be more than just Chinese counterfeits. They are the real deal. That's right, this is the new iPhone 4G.

The new additions to the phone include:

  1. A Front-facing video chat camera.
  2. Improved regular camera as well as flash.
  3. Micro-SIM 
  4. Improved display.
  5. Split buttons for volume.
  6. Metallic power, mute, and volume buttons. 
The new iPhone now boasts a square design but I doubt that that will stick after the official release of the phone. Apple is all about aesthetics meeting innovation. This design is neither aesthetically pleasing nor innovative. This design actually takes a step back. Although it makes the phone thinner it makes it harder to fit the hand and it doesn't match the design of all of their other gadgets. 

The iMac has a rounded back, the Mac Mini is rounded, the whole MacBook line is rounded, and all the iPods besides the oldest --the classic-- have curved backs. Why would Apple ostracize it's highest profit gainer with a whole new design?

I choose to stay optimistic. I believe that Apple has way more up their sleeves then we can possibly imagine... Don't they always?


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