Be Smart. Stay Safe.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

As I was growing up the biggest rule about the internet was to never give up your address. Your school, your home; nothing was to be disclosed.

That has all changed with the explosion of real-time web services like Twitter and FourSqaure. If used at the same time they could tell your whole life story: Twitter updates what you're doing and Foursquare where you're doing it.

Of course without some sort of perk, updating the world with what you do and where you do it would a little ridiculous. Twitter makes you feel famous with a bunch of followers and Foursquare keeps you frugal with free deals and discounted items.

Even though less people are cautious about giving their location, it is still dangerous. Although those perks and prizes are enticing they're not worth your life.

Stay smart and follow the rules -- even when it's not trendy.


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