Back To School: Top 5 Best Apps

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

School is just around the corner, if not already started for some people, so I thought that it would be appropriate to have the top 5 best Mac apps for school that don't already come pre-installed with your mac. My list doesn't have an order, so you can ignore the numbers.

1. Task List is essential for those that take their laptops to school but is still great for those that don't. It allows you to track your assignments, grades (and converts them into your GPA), notes, and goals. The newest version 5.2 allows you to keep everything handy on your dashboard with a widget, can be locked with a password, has graphs, statistics, 5 levels of priority for each assignment and a school overview for at-a-glance information.

2. Quicksilver is a program for all of those people that don't like taking their hands off of their keyboards. You can launch and do almost anything with this app with just a few keystrokes.

3. Google doc isn't an app but should be made into one. This website is for all of the people that don't want to dish out money for a word processing suite. This site allows you to type up anything you want, and save it as almost any type of file. You just need to make a Google account.

4. iClip is an amazing app that automatically records everything (that includes pictures, regular text, and even apps) that you copy and/or cut into it's little 'hub'. It's great for people like me who are always losing their much needed notes because there is no such thing as 'Copy 2' or 'Paste 2'.

5. Desktop Curtain does exactly what it's named. It makes a curtain fall over everything on your desktop to give you privacy, whether it be while presenting a Keynote presentation in front of your teachers or just to hide whatever clutter you usually have on it. You could also format the app to cover just certain apps and leave others unhidden.


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