Apple Wireless Keyboard Review

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Price: 79.00-On Apple

Holding the Apple Keyboard you feel a sense of weightlessness and balance. In size, shape, their new über thin design, low to the base keys and nice aluminum color, as well as material the new Apple Keyboard makes the previous generation look disgustingly cramped and inelegant. Though I know many accountants, programmers and pro tool users will be upset with the lack of number keypad and editing keys, I personally, am happy with the change. Nowaday, people want compact and Apple wants their customers to be happy. As a customer that change definitely made me happy!

The keyboard uses Bluetooth so you don't have to block one of your USB ports with a receiver. That's also a great thing for me too seeing that i only have two ports. It's extremely easy to setup on any computer, Mac or PC. Although PCs can't use the default shortcut keys at the top you can always reassign them.

It's an awesome keyboard, but there are a few problems. It gets dirty REALLY fast. The keys are white and even the natural oil on our fingers turns it a slight grey. I believe that the best solution to this problem is Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser. It lasts longer and works better than soap and won't scratch off your letters like a regular sponge would, but an even more cost effective way to clean this keyboard is to buy a bottle of rubbing alcohol at your local 99 cents store and dab it on a paper towel and wipe it across the keys. Either of those methods should keep it looking good as new.

The final problem with this keyboard is that it runs on 'AA' batteries, so if you are a heavy computer user make sure to have a few extra packs just in case they die. The keyboard does automatically turn off when you stop using it for a while, or when your computer goes to sleep but keep those batteries stashed just in case!

All in all I give this keyboard 4 stars out of a possible 5


Ms. Latina August 19, 2009 at 3:33 PM  

Great review! I like the fact that you made it simple enough for thei non-techie to understand. Thanks so much!

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